5 reasons why you need a management dashboard

1: It will save you time

Some organizations still spend a significant amount of time gathering information and creating reports. Because a management dashboard is automatizing this process, this alone will save you lots of hours every month. No more manually creating complex Excel files, no more errors in formula’s and more time left to spend on actually running the business.

2: All your information in 1 place

Did you know that small companies use an average of 102 unique applications in their organization ? The utopia of 1 system that fits all your data needs is more and more replaced by specialized applications per business process. A side effect is that all your data is distributed across different systems; your financial data is in your accounting system, your sales information in your CRM system, your personnel information in your HRM system and so forth. A management dashboard will allow you to combine the information from different systems and make it available in 1 central place. Without needing to adjust your business processes!

3: Always up-to-date and accessible

Remember the last time you got an Excel report and the information was already outdated? Or you had to wait a couple of days before getting the information you need? With a management dashboard your information is always up-to-date due to the automatic refresh of data. And there’s no waiting involved anymore, because your dashboard is always online accessible on your computer, tablet of phone.

4: User-friendly

We get it, not everyone is a fan of Excel or a whizkid with data! But most people do need information in order to efficiently run their business. A management dashboard will offer you data in a way that is user-friendly, understandable and easy to read. Say goodbye to complicated Excel reports!

5: Information custom to your business

If you’re lucky, your most critical external applications include some sort of dashboard functionality. However, the shown figures and statistics are often general in order to cater to a large group of different users. Every business has their own custom processes and informational needs. A management dashboard will allow you to finetune and portray the information in the way that fits your processes instead of conforming to the applications output.